Abstracts of the 2nd World Conference on Engineering, Technology and Applied Science & World Conference on Power and Energy

Conference: 2nd World Conference on Engineering, Technology and Applied Science
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  • Conference Dates:
    November 13 - 14 , 2023
  • Venue:
    Grand Mercure Bangkok Atrium
    1880 New Petchburi Road, Bangkapi
    Huay Kwang, 10310, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Publisher:
    Eurasia Conferences

About the Book of Abstracts

Explore the Book of Abstracts for the 2nd World Conference on Engineering, Technology and Applied Science & World Conference on Power and Energy, held on November 13 - 14 , 2023, in the enchanting city of Bangkok, Thailand. This compilation not only showcases cutting-edge research and scholarly contributions across these vital fields but also highlights the interdisciplinary dialogues and innovative themes that emerged. Featuring insights from esteemed participants, including keynote speakers renowned in their respective disciplines, this collection encapsulates the spirit of collaboration and forward-thinking that characterized the conference. Delve into these pages to discover the rich tapestry of knowledge woven together at an event that continues to shape future directions in Engineering, Technology and Applied Science & Power and Energy.


Deep Learning Techniques in Radar Imaging Applications

Dr. Mallikarjuna Reddy Yennapusa

Advances in ‘Internet of Things’


Predicting Inflow in Hydraulic Dams Using Different Artificial Intelligence Techniques

Juan R. Rabuñal and Alejandro Pazos, Alberto Fernandez-Sanchez, Luis Cea-Gomez, Marcos Gestal and Daniel Rivero

Effect of an Added Steel-Making Slag on Hydrodechlorination of Hexachlorobenzene Using Metallic Calcium

Yumi Katayama, Kanta Niiyama, Seiya Sakashita and Yoshiharu Mitoma

Roles and Perspectives of AI in Small Enterprise Development Strategy

Olga Shvetsova and Anastasiya Bialevich

Experimental Analysis of the Pyrolysis Dynamics of Single Wood Particle- Presentation of the Radiographic Technique

Paweł Kazimierski

Artificial Intelligence for Traffic Survey Using Unmanned Aircraft System

Tim Chan, Dr. C.H. Cheng, Ray Kung

Developing Presentation Skills for Students Majoring in Electrical Engineering

Wirote Jongchanachavawat

The Truth of Time and Gravity

Ittipat Roopkom

Gaming Escapism: Unveiling the Dark Side of Virtual Worlds

Waralak V. Siricharoen

Enhanced Weakly Supervised Networks Through Ultrasound Modality

Dr. Chadaporn Keatmanee

Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition of Few-Layer Graphene on Copper Foils From Greenhouse CO2 Gas

Anurat Wisitsoraat

Rapid Dry Immobilization of Contaminated Soil Containing Arsenic Using Nano-Size Metallic Calcium Dispersing and Its Mechanism Elucidation

Yoshiharu Mitoma, Kazuki Shishida, Yumi Katayama

Comparative Study on Housing Defect Through Household Scale

Deokseok Seo and Junmo Park

Development of Gluten-Free Soybean Residue (Okara) Cracker With Mixture Design

Chowladda Teangpook and Aunchalee Aussanasuwannakul

Energy Storage and Energy Dissipation at Transformation Cycles in Shape Memory Alloys

Osman Adiguzel

Swarm Intelligence as a Potential Solution for Internet of Things

Dr. Shreyas J

Smart Control and Digitalization of Modern Energy Storage Systems

Pengfeng Lin

Driving Cycle Development and Prediction by Using DC-Trad

Dr. Salisa Abdul Rahman

Sustainability Goals and Initiatives in Aviation Industry

Dr. Manish Yadav

Energy Management of a Multi-Source Energy Production System

Bati Ernest Boya Bi, Magloire Paul Ekoun Koffi, Prosper GBAHA

Production of biofuel briquettes from carbonized sawdust

Nganko Junior Maimou; Koffi Ekoun Paul Magloire; Gbaha Prosper; Toure Ousmane Alpha; Yao Kouassi Benjamin