Abstracts of the 3rd World Conference on Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences and Education

Conference: 3rd World Conference on Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences and Education
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    October 16 - 17 , 2023
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    Hotel Mercure Paris CDG Airport & Convention Roissypôle Ouest, Route de la Commune, Cedex, 95713 ROISSY CHARLES DE GAULLE, Paris, France
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    Eurasia Conferences

About the Book of Abstracts

Explore the Book of Abstracts for the 3rd World Conference on Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, and Education, held from October 16 to 17, 2023, in the enchanting city of Paris, France. This compilation not only showcases cutting-edge research and scholarly contributions across these vital fields but also highlights the interdisciplinary dialogues and innovative themes that emerged. Featuring insights from esteemed participants, including keynote speakers renowned in their respective disciplines, this collection encapsulates the spirit of collaboration and forward-thinking that characterized the conference. Delve into these pages to discover the rich tapestry of knowledge woven together at an event that continues to shape future directions in arts, humanities, social sciences, and education.


Evolutionity and Civilization Advancement

Prof. W. Julian Korab-Karpowicz

“Paris Changed My Life:” How African American Students’ Study Abroad Experiences in Paris, France, Spurred Their Civil Rights Activism in the Atlanta Student Movement of the 1960s

Clarissa Myrick-Harris

Motivating Additional Language Learners: Can We Truly Make Them Learn?

Masanori Matsumoto

The Advent of Digital Literacy in 21st Century Higher Education: What Is It and Its Place in Student Development?

Dr. Nona Press

Persist in Emancipating and Developing the Productive Forces to Promote Chinese Modernization

Prof. Sun Shaoyong

The Effect of the Software Test Survey for Students in Developing the Arabic Language Skills of Third-Grade Students in Qatar

Prof. Hiba Naccache and Dr. Mayamin Altae

A Metaversity Framework: Higher Education in the Metaverse Can Increase Diversity

Dr. Craig Wilson

Value of Lay Counselors in Providing Tele-Behavioral Activation for Homebound Older Adults with Depression

Chen Guoqing John, Kunik Mark, Marti Nathan, Namkee Choi

Reporting in Third World Spaces with Obscure, Inconsistent and Absent Data

Dr. Rebekka Schlichting

Development of an ACT Based Anxiety Regulation Group Counseling for Korean University Students: Face-to-Face vs. Non-Face-to-Face

Hyeeun Lee

Multicultural Counseling Competence for Addressing the Mental Health Needs of International Students in Korea

JeeEun Karin Nam and Dongil Kim

Shaping Postgraduate Students’ Life Outlooks: When Neo-Liberalism Meets Confucianism and Patriotism

Tengteng Zhuang

Prominence versus Eminence

Michelle van Dun and Hendrik Marten Koolma

Thinking on Ideological Construction of Students in Sino- Foreign Cooperative Education

Lujing Yang

Educational Experiences That Integrate the Arts into Teaching Practice in Ecuadorian Primary Education to Enhance the Motivation and Involvement of Students inside and outside the Classroom

Nella Escala, Miguel Ángel Herrera-Pavo, Montse Guitert, Teresa Romeu

Comparative Study of Personality Traits between Nepalese and Japanese University Students

Aneesah Nishaat

Humanity and Technology Problems As Related to Problems of Arts, Culture and Education

Tuvshee Tumur

The Relationship between Supervisee Nondisclosure and Supervision Process/Outcome: A Meta-Analysis

Kyung-eun Kim and Ye-seul Min

The Brickstories Method

Patryk Stepien

The Challenges of Translating World Prison Literature: Investigating Omid Tofighian’s Contribution to No Friend but the Mountains

Dr. Jyhene Kebsi

Informal Workplace Learning of Teachers: Perspective and Future Directions

Yvonne Xianhan HUANG

Performing Shakespeare in the UAE

Prof. Paul Innes

Why the Humanities Matter for Science, and Why Science Matters for the Humanities? Intradisciplinary Perspectives

Prof. Albrecht Classen

Protection of Traditional Knowledge: Analysis of the Legal Framework Nationally and Internationally

Dr. Sujatha Patil

Does Financial Development Induce Total Factor Productivity Growth in the Presence of Gender Human Capital in an Emerging Economy?

Shreya Pal

Application of Remote Sensing in the Development of Green Tourism. Case Study: Parks of Belgrade (Serbia)

Dr. Radmila Jovanovic

Peace Culture in Media Campaigns: Forced Disappearances in Spain

Carolina Escudero

Should the Provision of Clinical Legal Education Be Curricular As Opposed to Extra-Curricular – from Both a Clinic Sustainability and Student’s Perspective

Kaye Howells

Using Various Social Media Text Analysis Methods to Approach the Experience of Public Art Viewers

Sofia Vlachou and Michail Panagopoulos

Developing Social Sustainable and Intercultural Cities: An Integrative Educational Approach for Citizens, Migrants and Refugees

M. Dolores Ramirez-Verdugo

Maximizing Project Based Learning for Neurodiverse Learners

Dr. Abigail Bergen and Dr. Colleen Tapley

The Role of Art, Music, and Dance on Mental Health and Healing in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Mary O. Hearst, Melaku Belay and Hui Wilcox

The Professor As the Content Creator: A Case Study on Digital Literacy and Universal Design for Learning

Dr. Lisa M. Wisniewski

We Have a Reading Problem. Can Film Help Remedy It?

Sara Hansen

WINSLOW HOMER and the Demi-Monde

Marie Louden-Hanes

Reflective Course Evaluations: Impact on Teaching and Learnings

Sara Fier and Mary Risacher

Interest Convergence: A Case for Indigenous Legal Theory and Indigenous Supremacy in a Post-Capitalist Age of De-Growth

Malika Chatterji

A Deep Struggle of Tibetan Identity and China’s Colonial Curriculum in Tibet

Dr. Gyal Lo

Test of the Psychology of Working Theory among Korean Job Seekers: Examining Relations of Social Class, Marginalization, Career Adaptability, and Decent Work

A-Ra Lee and Eun-Sul Lee

The 21st Century Scramble for Africa: A Comparative Study of Russian, Chinese, and French Political and Economic Influence in the Central African Republic

Alice Rogers

Taking Exception to Criminal Justice Reforms That Fail to Transform: Using Transitional Justice to End the Carceral State

Angela A. Allen-Bell