Abstracts of the 5th World Conference on Business, Management, Finance, Economics and Marketing

Conference: 5th World Conference on Business, Management, Finance, Economics and Marketing
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  • Conference Dates:
    May 16 - 17 , 2024
  • Venue:
    ARCOTEL Wimberger Wien, Neubaugürte, 34-36, 1070, Vienna, Austria
  • Publisher:
    Eurasia Conferences

About the Book of Abstracts

Discover the Book of Abstracts for the 5th World Conference on Business, Management, Finance, Economics, and Marketing, held on May 16-17, 2024, in the enchanting city of Vienna, Austria. This compilation showcases cutting-edge research and scholarly contributions across these vital fields, highlighting the interdisciplinary dialogues and innovative themes that emerged. Featuring insights from esteemed participants, including keynote speakers renowned in their respective disciplines, this collection encapsulates the spirit of collaboration and forward-thinking that characterized the conference. Delve into these pages to uncover the rich tapestry of knowledge woven together at an event shaping the future directions in business, management, finance, economics, and marketing.


Developments in Global Trade Payments: BRICS, CBDCs, and De-dollarization

Dr. Michael Lloyd

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-6-9-001

Global Supply Chain Threats from Geopolitical Tension and Environmental Uncertainty: The 2024 Red Sea and Panama Canal Crises

Prof. Hercules Haralambides

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-6-9-002

Developing an Effective High Commitment, High Performance Organization Through Honest, Collective and Public Conversations

Prof. Michael Beer

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-6-9-003

Integrating Ethical Innovation and Spirituality in Business: A Pathway to Sustainable Success and Customer Centricity

Dr. Amir Kahani

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-6-9-004

Institutional Stock Holdings and Firm Leverage: Evidence From Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

Dr. Bakhtear Talukdar

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-6-9-006

Customer Fairness in Participative Pricing: Sustainability of PWYTF Pricing

Dr. Atanu Adhikari

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-6-9-007

The Societal Perceptions of AI and its Impact on Marketing

Dr. Michael Gerlich

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-6-9-008

The Effects of COVID-19 Work Demands on Mental Health and Work-Family Conflict: The Moderating Role of Supervisor Support

Elisa Valenzuela-Capellan, Ernesto Rosario-Hernandez and Antonio Zapata

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-6-9-009

Does Cross-Sectional Return Extrapolation Explain Anomalies?

John Lynch and Brad Cannon

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-6-9-010

INCLUSIVE GREEN FINANCE – As an Approach of Developing a Comprehensive Indicator for BRICS

Novák, Zsuzsanna, Kumar, Pawan and Ge, Chenhe

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-6-9-011

When Is Standardization Most Beneficial for Improving Service Quality? The Moderating Role of Operational Failures

Sarah Zheng

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-6-9-012

Mitigating Climate Change Issues: International Students' Perceptions on Energy Conservation and Effective Transportation

Indrapriya Kularatne and Olufemi Omisakin

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-6-9-013

Constructing Entrepreneurial Leader Identity of Daughters in Chinese Family Businesses

Dr. Nan Jiang

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-6-9-014

Commitment of Microfinance Institutions and Survival Entrepreneurs Under Financial Distress

Dr. Fernando A. Moya-Davila

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-6-9-015

Foreign Direct Investments, Trade Flows and Economic Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa: Challenges and Opportunities

Dr. Andrew Ojede

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-6-9-016

Decoding Corporate Accelerators: An Examination of Their Objectives, Design, and Role in the UK's Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Satrupa Ghosh

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-6-9-017

Enhancing Business and Financial Analysis through Reduced-Rank Envelope Vector Autoregressive Models

Dr. S. Yaser Samadi

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-6-9-018

Understanding the Nexus Between Oil Price Volatility and Trade Balance in GCC Countries: A Comparative Investigation of Linear and Nonlinear ARDL Models

Dr. Ghazi Al-Assaf

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-6-9-019

Critical Role of Trust in Sustainable Investing

Dr. Dan Daugaard

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-6-9-020

The Role and Contribution of Wind Energy Towards Reaching the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 7)

Dr. G.S. Vijaya

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-6-9-021

The Next Phase: Innovative Sustainable Socially Responsible (ISSR) Society

Prof. Emer. Dr., Dr. Matjaž Mulej

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-6-9-022

Communication as a Core

Prof. Dr. Anne Rosken

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-6-9-023

A study on lived experiences and practices of rice farmers in Ayutthaya and Saraburi provinces of Thailand

Prof. Gunjan Saxena

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-6-9-024

Did Keynes Make His Case?

Clark Johnson

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-6-9-027

Convertible Government Bond as a Solution to “Moneycracy”


doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-6-9-028

Deceptive Advertising under a Lenient Return Policy: An Abstract

Yangchun Li, Xuhong Ye, Linfeng Hu, Fan Sheng

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-6-9-029

The Term Structure of Equity Returns and Duration Premium

Shuxin Yang

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-6-9-030

Financial and Informational Integration Through Oracle Networks

Daniel Rabetti, Lin William Cong and Eswar Prasad

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-6-9-031

Challenges of Business and Human Rights: An Obstacle to the Achievement of Sustainable Development G

Achille Gildas Ndong Ntoutoume

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-6-9-03

Evolution of the E-commerce in Finland and in Sweden Based on Urbanization Differentiation

Zuzana Dzilská, Kristián Kalamen, František Pollák

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-6-9-033

Applications of Bi-lateral DEA and Hierarchical DEA in Professional Services

Prof. Chandan Kumar Jha and Amit Sachan

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-6-9-034

Examining Key Factors Shaping the Consumption Patterns of Tropical Frui

Federico Modica and Caterina Sciortino, Teresa Totaro, Filippo Sgroi

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-6-9-035

Niu-Isation of Solutions and Business Models in XXI Century

Nina Stepnicka

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-6-9-036

Carpooling as an Example of Action for Sustainable Transport

Dr. Paulina Wiaczek

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-6-9-037

Slack Accumulation Trajectories of State-Owned Enterprises and Publicly-Listed Companies

Sebastian P. L. Fourné and Felix Arndt

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-6-9-038

Succession Planning Strategies at the Bahamas’ Ministry of Education: A Case Study

Dr. Patsy Wilson

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-6-9-039

Nearshoring: Costa Rica’s Success Story in Attracting Foreign Direct Investment to Increase Employment and International Trade

Adriana Chacón, Keyssi Calderón and Rebeca Torres

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-6-9-040

The Role of Financial Markets in Mitigating Credit Market Bubbles

Anh Tran, Elena Asparouhova, Peter Bossaerts, Dan Lu

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-6-9-04