Abstracts of the 5th World Conference on Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences and Education

Conference: 5th World Conference on Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences and Education
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  • Conference Dates:
    May 13 - 14 , 2024
  • Venue:
    ARCOTEL Wimberger Wien, Neubaugürte, 34-36, 1070, Vienna, Austria
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    Eurasia Conferences

About the Book of Abstracts

Explore the Book of Abstracts for the 5th World Conference on Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, and Education, held from May 13 to 14, 2024, in the enchanting city of Vienna, Austria. This compilation not only showcases cutting-edge research and scholarly contributions across these vital fields but also highlights the interdisciplinary dialogues and innovative themes that emerged. Featuring insights from esteemed participants, including keynote speakers renowned in their respective disciplines, this collection encapsulates the spirit of collaboration and forward-thinking that characterized the conference. Delve into these pages to discover the rich tapestry of knowledge woven together at an event that continues to shape future directions in arts, humanities, social sciences, and education.


Digital Constitutionalism in the Policy State Theory

Prof. Hae Young Lee

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-001

The World Is the Totality of Values: On How to Challenge Wittgenstein’s Positivism

Prof. W. Julian Korab-Karpowicz

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-002

The Syrian Adolescent Refugee in Jordan

Prof. Alean Al-Krenawi

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-003

Breached Walls in Mexico: Art, violence and public space in Teresa Margolles’ Walls

Dr. Antonio Sustaita

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-004

Human Rights under Siege: Analysis of Gross Violations of Human Rights in Geographical and Existential Peripheries

Raphael Okitafumba Lokola

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-005

Unleashing the Potential of ChatGPT: Empowering Enhanced Active Learning in the Classroom Compared to Conventional Passive Learning

Dr. Peixing Jiang

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-006

Impact of Climate Change in Threshold Environments of India: A Pedagogical Framework for Experiential Learning

Sanchar Sarkar

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-007

“Sky Is My Father, Earth Is My Mother”: Kincentric Ecologies of the Heart in Easterine Kire’s Son of the Thundercloud and When the River Sleeps

Sadhna Swayamsidha

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-008

Stable and Shifting Values Created by Physical, Agonistic, and Sport Cultures on the Axis of Time

Dr. Felix Lebed

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-009

Age Activation Between Self-Empowerment and Social Pressure-Key Results From a Qualitative Interview Study About Older Women Being Active in Fitness Gyms (a Comparison Between Germany and the USA)

Prof. Dr. Gabriele Sobiech

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-010

Not Just Women and Girls: The Impact of the Gender Binary Distinction on Male Gender-Based Violence in the Balkan Context

Athena Hantzaridis

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-011

Navigating Behavior Change: Insights From the OptiRoutS Project

Mirte Brouwers

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-012

Design and Practice of an Interdisciplinary Pedagogy of Heal (History, Environment, Anthropology, Logic) Facing to Secondary School Students

Vivian Hong

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-013

How to Proceed After Hospital Treatment? Integration of Children Living With Serious Illness Into the School Environment – Method of a School Intervention Program

Borbála Gácsig-Somogyi and Zsuzsanna Katalin Papp

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-014

Theatre as a Catalyst for Social Change: Understanding Habib Tanvir as a Reformist Playwright in ‘Charandas Chor’ (1975)

Manivendra Kumar and Dr. Ananya Ghoshal

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-015

Quietude and Loving-Kindness in Daily Life: Interpreting Zen Koans

Adarsh Narayan Parbat

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-016

Exploring the Role of Chinese Cuisine in Shaping National Identity and Strengthening Chinese Sentiments

Yuan Yao

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-017

Decolonizing the Veil: The Headscarf in Literature, Fashion, Paintings and Photography

Dr. Jyhene Kebsi

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-018

Agreeing on Little, Understanding One Another Less: European Populist Attitudes towards Atlanticism

Dr.Justin Gibbins

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-019

The Role of an Integrated Theoretical Approach in Investigating the Self-Regulated Strategy Use of Highly Able Students and Those With Learning Difficulties in the Ib Diploma Programme

Dr. Sandra Forrest

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-020

Creating Short Animated Videos With Young Foreign Language Learners Through the Khan Academy Kids App

Ania Delia Gonzalez Curiel

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-021

Unveiling Ecocritical Dimensions in Amitav Ghosh's "The Glass Palace": Colonialism, Resource Exploitation, and Power Dynamics

Parushi Ruhil

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-022

Advocating for the Rights of Care-Leavers in Egypt

Osman. A

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-023

A Major Gap in the Study of Philanthropy and Civil Society

Andrew L. Williams, Marty Sulek and Julianna Giannoutsou

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-024

Nudging Permeability: Human Perception through Conscious Embodied Experien

Annarita Ferrante and Martina Frattura

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-025

Career Dynamics Unleashed: Professional Mobility and Job Mismatch Among Doctorate Holders

Nancy Kracke and Steffen Jaksztat

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-026

Strategic Management of National Cultural Heritage as a Precondition of Regional Tourism Development During the Pandemic Crisis (the Case-Study Slovakia)

Ivana Butoracová Šindleryová and Kamil Turcan

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-027

An Intruder: Cyclone Idai and Post Disaster Coping Strategies Utilized by Adolescent Survivors

Innocent Sifelani, Memory Matsikure, Sifikile Songo, Maurice Kwembeya and Denboy Kudejira

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-028

Decoding Cultural Narratives through Project-Based Learning

Naomi Tsai and Javier Gastón-Greenberg

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-029

The Transformative Role of Diverse Children's Literature in Confronting Racism

Dr. Sonja Brandt and Dr. McKenzie Rabenn

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-030

Receiving Student Feedback: Professors Shared Experiences

Dr. James D. Sigler

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-031

The Reflection of Labor in Chinese Migrant Worker’s Theatrical Practice: We 2s: Labor Exchange Market (2019)

Yunfei Du

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-032

Exploring Classroom Design and Pedagogical Strategies: Overcoming the Challenges of Rapid Vocabulary Recognition among Beginner Learners of Chinese

Jiaxin Shen

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-033

Let Children Create Meaning in Outdoor Drawing Activities

Lei Wang

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-034

Teaching About Creativity in the College History Classroom: Thoughts and Reflections After Three Semesters

Dr. David Leinweber

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-035

Introducing an Unknown African Composer to the World- at- Large During the Age of Enlightenment

Prof. Charles Pettaway

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-036

Improving Preservice Teachers’ Cultural Intelligence through Virtual International Exchange

Dr. Colleen E. Tapley

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-037

Fostering Positive Staff Culture to Promote Higher Student Outcomes

Nicole Callier

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-038

Self-Efficacy and Special Education

Dr. Abigail Bergen

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-039

Surprises and Inspirations of the Bibliotherapeutic Approach in Classrooms of Young Children

Prof. Jeanne Gunther

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-040

Axel Honneth and Digital Alienation New Perspectives on Social Theory between Labor Process, Sociology and Social Philosophy

Eugenio Capitani and Matteo Rinaldini

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-041

Inclusive Interviews Codesigned With Individuals on the Autism Spectrum: Job Interview Training Using VR Technologies and Blueprint for Employers

Mina-Mirjana Jevremovic

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-042

Tanka Language: A disappearing language of boat people in Southeastern China

Cong WANG, Daxingwang PENG, Yanmei DAI and Chong Q

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-043

Pedagogy with a Heartbeat

Prof. Jacqueline Goldin

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-044

A Potentiality for Corruption: On the Pornographic Descriptions in Angela Carter’s “The Bloody Chamber”

Yitong Liu

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-045

Collecting Voices: Literary and Political Engagement in Svetlana Alexievich

Dr. Joori Lee

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-046

An Exploration of the Cultural Teachings Seen in Post-colonial Indigenous Literatures: Learning Across the Divide

Zahra Mirabolfathi

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-047

Innovations in Art Education: Analyzing New Teaching Methods, Technology Integration, and Unique Curriculum Designs Reshaping Art Education in Higher Education Institutions

Chudi Hua and Mengting Yu

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-048

Ancestor Roots in a Seemingly Rootless “Les Lieux de Mémoire”: Reading Pangs of Love in the Light of Memory Theory

Xiao Zhao

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-049

Inequity in Education: The Impact of Teacher Identity and Attitudes

Dr. Colleen E. Tapley

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-050

Shared Prosperity Characterized by Four Development Goals: Pro-poor Growth, Pro-poor Development, Inclusive Growth, and Inclusive Development

Prof. Nanak Kakwani

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-051

Literature as a Testing Ground: Communication and Miscommunication in Medieval Literature, with an Emphasis on Marie de France and Heinrich Kaufringer

Prof. Albrecht Classen

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-052

Impacts of COVID-19 Traffic Light System on Education in New Zealand

Lee-Anne Taylor, Jodee Reid and Dr. Anita Jagroop-Dearing

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-053

Modeling of a Potential Pedestrian Path Using the Lowest Cost Method on the Example of the Balkan Mountain Waterfalls

Radmila Jovanovic

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-054

Governance and Territorial Cohesion: Empirical Analysis

Pereira Cristina, Gonçalves Herminia and Sequeira Teresa

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-055

Should AI-Assisted Academic Writing Be Brought to the Eap Classroom?

Prof. Carmen Lucas

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-056

Deciphering DPI: A Credible Drive of India’s G20 Presidency

Dr. Akanksha Singh

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-057

Conceptualization of qi in Chinese idioms from the perspective of Cultural Linguistics


doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-058

The Influence of Spicy Taste on People’s Metaphorical Perspectives on Time

Yutian Qin

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-059

Analysis of the Planar Vault Under the Choir Loft of the Monas-Tery of El Escorial

Dr. Rubén Rodríguez Elizalde

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-060

Analytic Portrayal of Time in the Poetry of T.S. Eliot and Adonis: A Comparative Study

Bassma Basheer Nomass

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-061

Exploring Student Perspectives on STEM through Fire Ecology: Epistemological and Social Insights from NoSTEM Education

Víctor Martínez-Martínez, Jairo Ortiz-Revilla and Ileana M. Greca

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-062

Murder as a Theatrical Performance: Problematising the Figure of the Female Serial Killer in The Limehouse Golem

Debalina Mondal

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-063

Navigating Cultural Shifts: Globalization's Impact on Society and Business

Prof. Kia Hamid Yeganeh

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-064

Developing Digital Content for The classroom: Best Practices for Curriculum Development in the Digital Age

Dr. Lisa M. Wisnie

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-065

The Empty Shell of A goddess: Representations of Artemis Based on Literature in the Graeco-Roman period

Dr. Kyra A. Rietveld

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-066

Exploring the Impact of Task Party: Participatory Art Activities on Classroom Engagement and Artistic Imagination Development in Higher Education Students

Ziyu Feng

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-067

The Inquiry in to Life Through the Art of Chinese Penjing

Hui Wei

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-068

Central Asia’s Regionalism Dilemma: Which Silk Road?

Paulo Afonso B. Duarte and António Tavares

doi 10.62422/978-81-968539-1-4-069