Abstracts of the 2nd World Conference on Nursing, Healthcare and Hospital Management

Conference: 2nd World Conference on Nursing, Healthcare and Hospital Management
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  • Conference Dates:
    May 16 - 17 , 2024
  • Venue:
    ARCOTEL Wimberger Wien, Neubaugürte, 34-36, 1070, Vienna, Austria
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    Eurasia Conferences

About the Book of Abstracts

Explore the Book of Abstracts for the 2nd World Conference on Nursing, Healthcare and Hospital Management, held from May 16 to 17, 2024, in the enchanting city of Vienna, Austria. This compilation not only showcases cutting-edge research and scholarly contributions across these vital fields but also highlights the interdisciplinary dialogues and innovative themes that emerged. Featuring insights from esteemed participants, including keynote speakers renowned in their respective disciplines, this collection encapsulates the spirit of collaboration and forward-thinking that characterized the conference. Delve into these pages to discover the rich tapestry of knowledge woven together at an event that continues to shape future directions in Nursing, Healthcare and Hospital Management.


Managing Health Transformation Towards Personalized, Participative, Preventive, Predictive Precision Medicine

Prof. Dr. habil. Bernd Blobel

doi 10.62422/978-81-970290-2-8-001

No Visitors: Mental Health Impacts of Separation from Hospitalized Loved Ones

Dr. Stacey L. Knight, Dr. J.T. Seaman & Judson La Grone

doi 10.62422/978-81-970290-2-8-002

Discover Trauma Clearance Concept of PTSD From the Victims Involving in Volunteers ~ Help Disaster Victims Avoid From PTSD by Volunteering

Dr. Fang Tsuang Lu

doi 10.62422/978-81-970290-2-8-003

Effects of Service Quality on Perceived Value, Customer Loyalty, and In-Patient Satisfaction: A Mixed-Methods Study from a Developing Country

Agus Fitriangga, Eka Ardiani Putri

doi 10.62422/978-81-970290-2-8-004

Exploring the Factors That Influence Interprofessional Collaboration in Primary Health Care in Oman Among Physicians, Medical Students, Nurses and Nursing Students a Mixed Method Approach

Imad Abdul Rahim AL Husami and Dr. Suhaila Binti Sanip

doi 10.62422/978-81-970290-2-8-005

Assessing Nurses Preparation of Using Nursing Process Kardex Based on Adkar Model in Iran University of Medical Sciences’s Hospitals

Dr. Alice Khachian and Sona Elyasi

doi 10.62422/978-81-970290-2-8-006

The Presence of Moral Distress among Critical Care Nurses in Saudi Arabia

Hawazen Rawas

doi 10.62422/978-81-970290-2-8-007

Exploration of Critical Care Nurses’ Challenges in Caring for Enterocutaneous Fistula as a Complication for an Open Abdomen: A Qualitative Study

Mpho Chipu

doi 10.62422/978-81-970290-2-8-00

Acute Kidney Injury and Its Predictors Among HIV-Positive Patients in Africa: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Abere Woretaw Azagew, Hailemichael Kindie, Chilot Kassa, Yohannes Mulu

doi 10.62422/978-81-970290-2-8-009

High Performing Healthcare Marketing Strategies

Michael Guberti

doi 10.62422/978-81-970290-2-8-010

International Nurse Consulting: Supporting Nursing Optimization Across the Globe

Lisa Thoe, Holly Burkhartzmeyer, and April Bursiek

doi 10.62422/978-81-970290-2-8-011

Caring for Veterans and Their Families

Augustina Mushale

doi 10.62422/978-81-970290-2-8-012

Collaboration across Continents: Integration and Localization in a Multisite Healthcare Organization

Holly Burkhartzmeyer, Lisa Thoe, and April Bursiek

doi 10.62422/978-81-970290-2-8-01

Non-Divulgence by Patients Who Used Traditional Medicine In The Critical Care Units Of A Westrand Mine Hospital In South Africa

Dr. Sidwell Matlala

doi 10.62422/978-81-970290-2-8-014