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7th World Conference on

Business, Management, Finance, Economics and Marketing

May 22 - 23 , 2025 | Budapest, Hungary
Budapest, Hungary

About Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary, often referred to as the "Pearl of the Danube," is a city that harmoniously blends historical grandeur with modern vibrancy. Divided by the majestic Danube River, Budapest is actually two cities in one: Buda, with its historic castle district and rolling hills, and Pest, the bustling urban center. The city’s architecture is a testament to its rich history, from the Gothic spires of Matthias Church to the neoclassical grandeur of St. Stephen’s Basilica. Visitors can explore the UNESCO-listed Buda Castle, soak in the historic thermal baths like Széchenyi and Gellért, or take a stroll along Andrássy Avenue, lined with elegant buildings and boutiques. Budapest’s culinary scene is equally captivating, offering everything from traditional Hungarian dishes like goulash and chimney cake to innovative cuisine in Michelin-starred restaurants.

Beyond its architectural and culinary delights, Budapest is a city that celebrates culture and the arts. The Hungarian State Opera House and the Palace of Arts host world-class performances, while museums such as the Hungarian National Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts offer rich collections spanning centuries. The city’s vibrant ruin bars, located in abandoned buildings in the Jewish Quarter, provide a unique nightlife experience. Budapest’s outdoor spaces are equally inviting, with Margaret Island offering a green oasis in the middle of the Danube and City Park providing a perfect setting for leisurely walks and picnics. With its dynamic blend of history, culture, and modern attractions, Budapest promises an unforgettable experience for every visitor.

City Attractions
  • Buda Castle
  • Parliament Building
  • St. Stephen’s Basilica
  • Széchenyi Thermal Bath
  • Fisherman's Bastion
  • Matthias Church
  • Heroes’ Square
  • Andrássy Avenue
  • Hungarian State Opera House
  • Great Market Hall