HYBRID EVENT: Join us in person at Bangkok, Thailand or virtually from anywhere!

7th World Conference on

Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

November 21 - 22 , 2024 | Bangkok, Thailand
Bangkok, Thailand

All Topics

  • Advances in catalysis and reaction engineering
  • Nanomaterials and nanotechnology in chemical engineering
  • Sustainable and green chemistry
  • Chemical process design and optimization
  • Emerging technologies in chemical engineering
  • Polymer science and technology
  • Chemical kinetics and thermodynamics
  • Biochemical engineering and biotechnology
  • Advances in materials synthesis and characterization
  • Advances in computational chemistry and molecular modeling
  • Chemical sensors and biosensors
  • Separation processes in chemical engineering
  • Chemical education and curriculum development
  • Environmental chemistry and engineering
  • Food chemistry and technology
  • Pharmaceutical chemistry and drug delivery systems
  • Renewable energy and chemical engineering
  • Advanced oxidation processes
  • Electrochemistry and electrochemical engineering
  • Colloid and surface chemistry
  • Chemical safety and process hazard analysis
  • Supercritical fluids and green solvents
  • Industrial chemistry and engineering
  • Advanced analytical techniques in chemistry
  • Chemical reactors and process control
  • Advances in membrane technology
  • Chemical engineering in the oil and gas industry
  • Advances in petrochemicals and refining
  • Chemical engineering in the water treatment industry
  • Microfluidics and lab-on-a-chip technology
  • Process intensification and miniaturization
  • Molecular engineering and design
  • Chemical engineering in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Advances in organometallic chemistry
  • Biofuels and biorefineries
  • Smart materials and responsive polymers
  • Chemical engineering in the automotive industry
  • Chemical engineering in the aerospace industry
  • Advances in chemical sensors and biosensors
  • Renewable materials and bio-based polymers
  • Chemical engineering in the electronics industry
  • Chemical engineering in the textile industry
  • Advanced coating and surface technologies
  • Nanoparticles and their applications in chemical engineering
  • Chemical engineering in the cosmetics industry
  • Advances in electrochemical energy storage
  • Advances in chemical manufacturing
  • Advances in battery technology
  • Chemical engineering in the agriculture and food industries
  • Advances in chemical engineering education and pedagogy